Quality hearing health services with Hear Kentucky
Quality hearing health services with Hear Kentucky

Treating your hearing loss is vital for maintaining contact with your family, friends and others around you. We work hard to provide the best quality of care to each and every one of our patients.

Our Services
Our Services

Welcome to Hear Kentucky

We are proud to provide the people of Kentucky and Tennessee with quality audiological services.

Serving as an audiologist in the Navy, Hear Kentucky’s Ryan Broyles saw first-hand the effects that noise can have on hearing and the lives of the people around him. Now based in Kentucky and working on his family’s flower farm, he understands the noise exposure facing the agricultural community in this region.

With access to the most recent breakthroughs in hearing aid technology, as well as his experience serving those in the Navy, Ryan is committed to helping people improve their lives through better hearing. He takes the needs of patients seriously and works to create a program that suits their particular hearing loss.

It’s incredible how treating your hearing loss can open up world of sound and restore those important connections in your life. Why not see what you’re missing?


Hearing aids are a great investment towards your future quality of life. With so many advanced options on the market, it can feel a little overwhelming to make a decision. At Hear Kentucky, we help you find a hearing solution that will benefit you in all aspects of your life. We work with you to find hearing aids that are suitable for your lifestyle, budget and hearing needs.

We believe that the best way to determine which hearing aid is right for you is through experience in your everyday life. That’s why we are proud to offer the Hearing Aid Test Drive™.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit us for a hearing test.

2. Get fitted and take home a pair of hearing aids. There are a range of different types and price levels you can choose from, and we’ll help you select a pair that will work with your hearing abilities.

3. Wear the hearing aids in your everyday life and try them out in different environments.

4. There is no money down and no obligation to participate in the Hearing Aid Test Drive™. When you’ve made a decision, let us know!

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About Us

In Franklin, Kentucky and beyond, Hear Kentucky provides high-quality hearing aids and service. We care about your hearing and use the best equipment to assess your hearing-related condition. Whether you’re already wearing hearing aids or have yet to evaluate your hearing, we can help you to figure out what’s happening with your hearing and take steps to help you understand others again. Our biggest goal is to enable you to hear better, so that you may live better.

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Hearing Evaluations and Hearing Aids

We offer comprehensive hearing evaluations. They involve a full medical case history, an ear examination, and a series of tests designed to evaluate your hearing ability. The tests are non-invasive and will provide an accurate assessment of your hearing ability.

To treat your hearing, we offer advanced, innovative hearing technology. They range from tiny, discreet devices to those which pack cutting-edge technology like lithium-ion batteries and Bluetooth capabilities.